Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Question for you all

Hello everyone. I am writing everyone to wish you all a happy holiday season. I hope you have been all good girls and get everything you wanted. And I do mean everything. Maybe some stockings in your stocking ;)

I also have a question. I want to start capping again but I was wondering if anyone knew of an app I can use on my windows phone? It would make my day. If you know just comment below. I have some wonderful new ideas and I want to bring back some old ones as well.

Thank you all for your time and for reading my blog. Xoxoxo Katie Mills

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello everyone, I'm am sorry its been so long. I will not give long drawn out excuses. Although I miss capping right now there is just to much on my plate at the moment. I promise I will cap again but for now my little break will continue for longer then I assumed.

I do want to keep in touch with all my favorite blogs and be active in the community I will not be posting anything for a few months at least.

Like I said, I truly enjoyed capping and met so many new friends through this experience. And I never imagined that in less then 10 months I would have made close to 300 caps (not including the haven) and had close to a half a million views. Something I am proud of and enjoyed doing.

But this is not the end for Sugar and Spice. Just a break. And when I do start capping again I promise to continue with the same passion.

Thank you all for reading my work and I will be contributing sooner then you think.

xoxoxo Katie Mills  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nice Day for a White Wedding

Hello everyone, I am sorry to inform you that on top of not having enough time as of late, my computer has also caught a virus. So posting things has been hell. Anyway this was not a cap for the Haven and I did it rather quickly and I haven't checked it for spelling errors. Literally every 12 seconds my computer has to warn me of the virus and bots it contracted from being a total slut with other computers. Every time you touch your computer you are with every computer that computer has ever been with. LMAO!!

Anyway I hope you like this cap. I will try to post another one soon in between the crashing and such. Until then I hope everyone is healthy and happy.

xoxoxo Katie

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Worth the fight

This is a quick one for a new friend Cori. I hope she likes it, the video is what I feel in my mind what would happen a few weeks or months after she transformed Cory to Mellisa. Mellisa is still Cory, Cory is still intact with all his thoughts and memories. He just has the body of a goddess now. So after a little while to adjust and get over his anger of being changed. After many months of experimenting in the bathroom and behind closed doors. Finding she doesn't just like being a woman, she down right loves it. Mellisa then begins too look at her old flame with the same eye's Cory used too.

One night after a few too many drinks, Melissa and Lindsey get dropped off. All night Melissa was rubbing her foot up and down Lindsey's smooth leg and getting her more and more hot. As soon as they are out of the car and the ride leaves them in the background. The sexual tension between the two soon to be new lovers erupts.

I think this is a perfect ending to a great scenario. What do you all think? I would also like to know if you were to be transformed into a sexy woman. Would you like to follow the ladies around and try to convert them or would it be the men you would like to experience? Or both, tell me all about it and give me details.
That should be a steamy enough conversation for awhile.

xoxoxo Katie

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road less traveled by

Before anyone beats me up over Pink's video having subtitles in another language. It also doesn't have any advertising. LOL! I actually love Pink. She has that 50 style Pin Up Rock-a-Billie look. I think that is so hot. I have been really trying to give you a couple of caps a week and it has been good for me too. I miss capping like I did last winter.

This cap was for a friend at the Haven as most of them are anymore. Chelsea Baker, who is a great capper herself. I owed her one now for quite sometime. I hope she likes it and I also hope all you like it as well.

I hope everyone is healthy and happy.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waiting to explain

Hello all, I am sorry again for the time away. This will be my last time apologizing for the time away. It seems this is the norm for me anymore. There is nothing I would like to do more then sit and make a hundred captions a day but I will tell you that is impossible. But I will always be around. If not today then someday. I wanted to thank everyone for the comments left. Nothing inspires me more then making a cap and getting your feedback. When I get comments it makes me want to cap more and more. I hope you all enjoy this cap.

Now I have a topic to throw out there for everyone to discuss in the comments section.

Its no secret that I love nylon. I love tights, stockings, pantyhose and all other garments that go along with these items. I love anything that is ultra feminine too. So what are some of the things you love? Is it make up or dresses? Maybe it's sexy heels. A girl can't get enough shoes? Do you wear them all the time? And do you remember the first thing you did that was fem as a child and how did that make you feel?

Let me know, xoxoxo Katie

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I Guess with being so busy lately and not posting our little blog has hit another milestone. I had no idea anyone was still looking at it over the past few weeks. But weather I believe it or not we hit 300,000 views. Thank you all I really appreciate each and everyone of you.

This one is a Society Normal Cap I made for Jeannie at the Haven. I figured I should probably make a caption with one of my universes to mark a huge occasion. I hope you all are healthy and happy and all your dreams come true. Thanks for all the support.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Should have read the fine print

I am trying to make a few captions for a few people I owe them for at the Haven. My list has seemed to grow a ton. I hope you like this one. Let me know in the comments and share the love..

xoxoxo Katie

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meet Erika Darling

This is a caption for a new friend named, Erika Darling. She asked me for a cap to transform her into a beautiful woman. I hope this cap does her fantasy justice. I think she turned out great. What do you all think??

I hope everyone is great. I am doing a little better but still no break in sight. Maybe I will be able to post more caps again. but for now we will take it day by day.

xoxoxo Katie

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Making things right

Well I guess getting a few moments today helped me out for this caption. This is a cap I made for a new friend at the Haven, Dawn. She made me a wonderful cap and her preferences were very simple. So I decided to turn her into a stunning beauty with lovely stems to repay her.  Let me know what you all think. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

xoxoxo Katie

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Unexpected trip

This one was for Kid Kayla from the Haven. She had made me a wonderful cap and I am finally capping her back.

I wanted to talk a little about the BOSS as well. this is an amazing song but I love most of his music. Mostly this song reminds me of spring and summer on the east coast. Maybe down ocean city Maryland on the board walk. It is a wonderful place to be and enjoy the summer and the beautiful girls.

Maybe everyone can be a little bit nostalgic and tell me of a vacation spot they enjoyed that reminds them of the summer. I know mine. It is Ocean City Maryland on the board walk. I love the music and the sounds. And the smell of the sea air and the freedom I felt being away from my parents for the first time on senior week. That was many moos ago. But I still love reminiscing those old memories.

hope all is well.

xoxoxo Katie

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not around

Hello everyone, sorry for the absence on the blog for the past few days. I have been really hung up on a few big things going on in my life at the moment. I will be back to normal soon, I promise. I have no intentions of quitting. LOL! Just got over whelmed and am slowly digging myself out of it. Until then I hope everyone is okay and doing fine. I will post before the weekend this week.

xoxoxo Katie

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Judging a book

This was another cap back I owed for the legendary Dee. I liked the thought of a stuffy nerdy small business owner who doesn't want to look low brow in front of his customers. And when certain types of people dressed to express come in he takes it as a direct connection and feels like his small customer base id judging him. What he doesn't see is he is the judge, jury and executioner of the girls that try to frequent his store and his manhood.

As for the song I think it speaks for itself. I love Counting Crows. I think their music is some of my favorite. But this song surprised me on the album when it came out. Imagine me listening through to here "I wish I was a girl so you could believe me..." I had to do a double take on it.

I hope you all enjoy this cap as much as I did making it. I would love to know what you think so go ahead and leave a comment.

xoxoxo Katie

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Liz's Dopplganger

This was a very big first for me as well. I made this for a good friend Melina at the Haven as a cap back. I have made a ton of Liz captions over the past few months. It seems like forever ago Haily Pixley were taking a caption I made and turning the old Liz into who she is today. She seems to be a well liked character by everyone. The thing about Liz is she has never been seen before. So as a gift to Melina, I made Liz transform Melina into a exact copy of herself. So I am really not showing Liz, I am really showing Melina as Liz's twin. So I am happy to say Melina was honored to receive the first Liz appearance.

So it is almost Friday and I still have a few captions to post. But I am not going to post them like I used to. I will post them throughout the week periodically so that you can get some new caps throughout instead of one lump sum. I guess if this were the lottery I would be forcing you to take annuity instead of all the money greatly taxed.

I hope everyone's week was wonderful and have a great and safe weekend.

If you all knew Melina like I know Melina you would know that this song sums her up in a heartbeat. She is a little naughty girl that really shows it in her captions. LOL! So I hope she enjoys this song half as much as I enjoy her. ;)

xoxoxo Katie

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Katie's New Picture

This was my old profile picture from Rachel's Haven. i thought it would be a cool tradition when I retire it I will transform a person from the Haven into my old self. So it seemed fair that the first recipient of my brand new tradition would be the person who popped my caption cherry at the Haven. In her words I would be begging for more. LOL! It would also be fair to mention that she just made a wonderful caption for me and Miss Hailey Pixley over at A Tight Spot. She is one of my favorite people in the community and she is always there for everyone. Without her and a few other select people the Haven would be in shambles.

So with this caption I would like to thank Dee, Dee-lusions of Grandeur. I appreciate your work and everything you do for the community. Especially on the Haven. I am afraid that most of it probably happens behind the scene's where no one really understands how much work you and the other admins. do. But even the constant captions for everyone down to the discussion questions you post on your blog. And everything you do you bring a wonderful humorous side to it all.

So from me to you, thank you Dee.

xoxoxo Katie

Not Again

This caption was made for a very good person at the Haven, SarineDavis. She always seems to put a smile on my face with her kind words from her comments. I really enjoyed the picture as well. It just stood out to me and I thought it was so sexy so it needed to be capped. What do you think?

I was over on Dee-lusions of Grandeur. And a new friend of mine, Helena had left a comment that part of which pertained to a conversation a few weeks ago that took place on Caitlyn's Masks. It was about the lurkers that come and look at the work but never leave a comment. I want to tell you that Helena brought up a very good point from the whole discussion. If you comment and participate you will feel better. I know that sounds like I am fishing for comments. But I assure you that is not the case. I want everyone to know that you are all welcome on my blog. If you comment or not I will still produce my captions. But I will say a little comment can go a long way. I know there is a fear in the back of your mind that there is some way this will link back to you. Again I assure you there is no way that will happen. A anonymous comment is exactly what it sounds like. And believe me when I say this to you all. This community is so welcoming, nice and understanding that once you  begin to participate you will wonder why you didn't sooner.

With all that being said, I had a very productive evening and will be posting captions throughout the week.

Now I have a question for anyone to answer if they can. It isn't a secret that I love nylons, pantyhose, stockings and tights. All colors and designs alike. My question is, how come some nylons have a cheaper finish to them and some have this wonderful smooth finish like the one's in this image? I mean they are all sexy but some just seem to have a better finish. Is there a glossy chart you can use when buying them? I would love to know. I know if you buy cheap you get cheap. but even some of the cheaper one's have a glossy finish and look amazing. Let me know. Thanks and I hope everyone has a great day.

xoxoxo Katie

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Going to the chapel

This is another cap from the Haven. My friend thedoctor. She liked weddings in her preferences so I decided to make one with a gorgeous bride. Let me know what you all think.

xoxoxo Katie

No beach for Andrew

Hey everyone this is a cap for Miss Linda Mallone. She is a good friend at the Haven and I think she turned out hot. What do you think?

I really feel like capping tonight so I think I might have a few new ones for the up coming week. Hope everyone is well. Love ya

xoxoxo Katie

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chosen Words

I enjoyed making this one for a friend at the Haven. Miss Chelsea Baker has made me some amazing caps. I hope if you are not part of the Haven you decide today will be the day you check it out. I will tell you this much. I never found a better place to have a outlet for my ideas and passions. I know that must sound funny but it is the truth. If you join you have the ability to cap or discuss on almost any topic you ever wanted. And what makes it even better is you will find others that share your thoughts and help push some buttons you never even knew you had.

Other then that the blog is doing well. And I feel like I made a huge step in the right direction by letting anyone be able to comment on here. (Again I never knew anyone couldn't. Sorry again.) But I never imagined that I would be having over 100,000 views in a month. It blows my mind that anyone would want to see my work that much. Although I really can't take all the credit. I have had some awesome friends guest cap on here as well and their work was embraced by all of you. So thank you all for that. I think 100,000 views plus say's it all. Thank you again.

The only thing I would like to see more would be a few more comments. Even if you want to tell me you didn't like it and the reason why. Believe me when I tell you that comments make anyone with a caption blog feel really good about our work. Other then that I plan to keep on keeping on with my blog and maybe caption a few new ideas and characters. And perhaps bring back some old ones as well. Hope everyone is well. And thanks for listening to yet another ramble from yours truly. ;)

xoxoxo Katie

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Protection Program

Once a witch, always a witch

Hello everyone, I am happy to say announce that everyone can now leave comments on my blog. I didn't know how much that would make a difference. But within the first 5 minutes of me making the comments opened to anyone I got two new comments. Thank you all and I am so sorry again for not having comments opened to anyone.

With that said I made this new cap for a great friend of mine at Rachel's Haven. I owed her a new cap for a long time. I hope she likes it and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

xoxoxo Katie

It has recently come to my attention that I had settings for comments set to registered users only. I am sorry I had not known that I had an option until a few days ago. A new friend informed me that she couldn't leave messages as a anonymous person. I am happy to let everyone know that you now can leave a message if you would like without providing a name and such. I think maybe I will get a few more comments now. Thank you all and again I am sorry for the restriction, I had no idea it was there.

xoxoxo Katie

Sunday, February 24, 2013

200,000 crept up on me

Well it appears that with me taking my time and trying not to burn the candle at both ends. Another milestone crept up on Sugar and Spice. Funny I never thought I would have gotten one hundred thousand views in just under a month. It seems like yesterday I was making a big to do about 100,000 and now 200,000 has come and gone.

I am new to the community as a real person. It wasn't that long ago I was a nameless lurker who was terrified to even leave a comment on anyone's post. It really hasn't been that long. I started my blog on December 5th and in under three months it has gotten more then I had ever expected. I met some of the most wonderful people and new friends. I am truly humbled by all of this.

So to all of this wonderful community, especially to the active members who leave their thoughts in the comments to encourage, Thank you all so very much.

xoxoxo Katie

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tails Tails Tails

This was another wonderful cap from my friend Linda Mallone. I believe this is a great way to depict Liz. Leave her some love in the comments. She deserves it.

xoxoxo Katie

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Even Steven

With this cap being about witch craft I found the perfect video to go along with it. Or at least I feel I did. But I love Emma Watson, and she did play a pretty witch in the Harry Potter movies. This cap was made for a friend at the Haven, Lady Victoria, who took part in my 2-4-1 captions. I hope you all like it.

xoxoxo Katie

She is so worth it

Friday, February 15, 2013

Where's the trust

This was a cap for a new friend named Raven. She participated in my 2-4-1 offer at Rachel's Haven. She said in her preferences that she enjoys a good transformation with all the details. I too enjoy this. I know everyone always say's that its been over done but I still love it. Anyway I chose this pic for her cap and I think it came out pretty good. The image is so sexy and the way she is enjoying her legs and smiling at the viewer just worked so well. Hope you all like it.

xoxoxo Katie

Slow Changes

This was for Miss Linda Mallone. She has made me some amazing caps in the last couple of weeks. I loved this picture and I don't think I know too many of my friends from this community that wouldn't trade places with Linda in a heart beat. I know I would. ;)

xoxoxo Katie

Self Control

I will tell you all something. I am very happy to say that taking it easy was a great decision. I feel like there has been a load taken off of my shoulders. Funny thing is, now I want to cap like crazy and I have a day or two to give in to my cravings. I hope you are not mad at me for my little time off. But believe me when I say if I didn't take it my caps would have begun to suffer from it. I hope you all like my little addition to Tranzmutes previous Sisters of Fate cap. I changed the editors name so I could make it into a personal one for her. And considering how he plowed Katie on the desk I felt Plowed by Sponge was appropriate for the cap. I love this band.

Anyway, I wanted to know exactly who is reading these anyway. And for those who already post comments, Thank You so much. Believe me when I say they mean everything to me. I wanted to ask a question and maybe see who answers it. Last week or so a new friend of mine, Dee, who needs no introduction. If you do not know who she is you better find out. You don't know what you are missing out on. Dee-lusions of Grandeur is her blog and you can see many of her caps at the Haven as well. Dee asked a question on her blog and it didn't get the response I think it deserved. I was really excited to hear some of the responses. The question was ,

What was your earliest TG memory? I've had quite a few as a youngster, so perhaps if you share yours below, I will post some more spread out over the next week or two. Were you jealous of slumber parties and makeovers? Curious to what was going on at the beauty parlor instead of the barber shop? Feel free to talk about it below.

I responded with one of my favorite memories. I know there must be more then Dee and myself out there that had some good ones. So if you would be so kind as to tell me your favorite one or one that stands out most. Just leave them in the comments. I will post my response here and then I hope to hear your memories.

 First off I know this one isn't my earliest but it is one that stands out in my mind.

I had a friend who lived up the street from me. She and I were always together. She was such a tom boy. I actually remember being in a Christmas concert when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. She was right in front of me during the performance. If anyone were to take notice of me out of the other 100 plus children on stage they probably would have seen me staring at her the whole show.

She always wore jeans and sneakers. To me she was just one of my friends. But that night she was wearing a dress and white tights. I remember actually being jealous of her and what she was wearing. I remember feeling that I would give anything to switch places with her..

And of course I had countless cousins that were the same way you explained. But for some reason that one particular moment stands out.

But to be perfectly honest Dee, I still have moment like this all the time. Somethings never change. ;)

xoxoxo Katie


Monday, February 11, 2013

Covering the story S.O.F.

This is yet another great cap by a good friend from the Haven. She goes by the name Tranzmute. I love this cap. It touched on a ton of buttons for me. Let her know what you think by giving her some love. The Sisters of Fate have become somewhat popular for my friends over at the Haven. And I do so love when they make their version of these characters. Thanks for a great cap Luna. I Loved it..

xoxoxo Katie

I felt like this song fit well with this cap. "When they come for me i'll be sitting at my desk with a gun in my hand wearing a bullet proof vest. Singing my, my ,my how the time does fly when you know your gonna die by the end of the night."

Change of Heart

New Names

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kevin of the Sisters

Well this is the last of my 2-4-1 offers. Raven who is another new friend I met at Rachel's Haven, made her amazing version of The Sisters of Fate. I think she did a great job. And told her story so well to the picture. This may be the longest time in the past 2 months that I had this blog where I didn't post a thing of my own. (Except when I got sick) I have actually taken some time and thought about this. I really think I want to make a few less caps throughout the week. I have a very demanding job and a family. I try my best to make quality caps as well. And for the people who come and visit my blog, I really appreciate all of your support. And let me tell you, comments will get you everywhere.

But on another note, I, aside from my blog, I am just like most of you. I like to read TG stories and captions. I like reading TG Comics as well.  But having a blog really cuts into that time that I used to surf and read other blogs by artists that are probably much better then myself. And I really enjoyed reading their work. I still keep up on a few of my favorites but there are a ton of sites I would love to catch up on.

Now so everyone can breath easy, I am not stopping my site. I have no intention to ever stop captioning. I love it way too much. I believe my friend Dee's actual words were, "Katie is like a kid in a candy store." Pertaining to my recent membership to the greatest site ever, Rachel's Haven. But I am going to slow down a bit. I am going to enjoy this wonderful community that has always been here for me. I am going to read through other blogs and I am not going to get myself into a full blown anxiety attack if I haven't posted something in the last 4 hours. LOL!

And for those of you who read my blog everyday I believe that you probably do genuinely like my work and you will still stop by from time to time. Ha! I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I have put out over 200 caps in just, just over 2 months. And I am proud of that. What I am most happy about is meeting all the new friends, I really want to just name them all but I wouldn't have enough time. This little blog started out a short two months ago with one loyal friend, Miss Hailey Pixley. And she still is a great friend. And if you haven't been over to "A Tights Spot" yet then what are you waiting for.

Again, above all else, thank you everyone for putting Sugar and Spice on the map. I really love doing the work. I also feel like I need to get back to my roots and start writing the stuff that pushed all my buttons.  If you have anything to comment, please leave one. Even if its just a simple hello. And don't forget to leave Miss Raven some love for the wonderful cap.  

Thanks everyone for reading my ramble. 
xoxoxo Katie Mills  

Sometimes Justice takes time

I have been going through a bit of a pattern lately. I usually can make a few caps a day. But my life is getting a little more complicated at the moment. So I have been going through small breaks where I do not have the time I was used to. But it seems to work out that the girls from the Haven make me some wonderful caps like this one from AnneOniMouse who needs no introduction to the community. I have been following her work long before Katie Mills surfaced. If you haven't seen her work please check out one of her sites. You can get to her other sites from here as well.

I am so happy all the girls like the characters on our blog. And the write and define them so wonderfully. And when I seem to be stuck with no time. They make it possible that you still have great TG Caps to read. And in return I have caps that I owe them and then I produce more work.. Its a amazing cycle that seems to be working as of late. And with caps like these I wouldn't change it for the world..

xoxoxo Katie

Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Neighbors

I would like to present you all with another one of Miss Linda Mallone's caps from the Haven. She did an excellent job on yet another Sisters of Fate story. She seems to have become very smitten with the Sisters Characters and she does an wonderful job on how she explains just enough so that the Sisters do not lose their mysterious angle. I know everyone really enjoyed her first post because it got over 1200 hits in the end. So I know you will be squirming in your seats when you read her newest cap.. As always, give our dear Linda some love in the comments below. She deserves it. Great Cap Linda.

xoxoxo Katie

Next stop Society Normal

A New friend of mine, Lady Victoria, at Rachel's Haven took me up on my 2-4-1 cap offer by making a wonderful Society Normal cap. I love everything about it. The story fits the image so well. She also has her own cap site called Codex of Corruption. I was looking through her site and it is amazing work. Definitely worth a look if you have a moment. But This is her first time guest capping on Sugar and Spice, so give her a little love in the comments. I think this cap is so well worth a comment.

xoxoxo Katie

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

John's wish comes true

A Prom to remember

Hot for Teacher

She knew everything

Thanks for the Cap

Keep your eye's peeled.

I am really in the mood to cap tonight and I have about 6 people to cap over at Rachel's Haven. If you would like to start capping and really do not want to start your own blog. Go to the Haven and make an account. Go into the FORUM and then go down to "You Cap Me, I Cap You" and look through the first 3 folders of members that are active and pick anyone you want. Click on their name and look at their preferences. Then make a cap using any program you want that is made from the persons preferences. Seriously, that's all there is to it. Then click back on their name, click NEW TOPIC. Name your cap and say a little something about it.... ( Hope you like it, my first cap)  Then  ask one of the admins for a folder and they will help you with that. Once you capped someone and have a folder make your own preferences and wait to be capped and that is it my friends.. It is such a great place and so much fun. I have met so many people there and have made so many new friends..

Even if you don't want to cap, you should join just to see everything there is to look at. There is so much art and caps to check out. I hope to see some new faces there. Have a great night and keep your station tuned in. I am in the mood to cap tonight...

xoxoxo Katie 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rick isn't happy

Having a heat wave

Every year, around February I begin to really hate the winter. I am one of the few people I know that actually enjoys the coming of the winter. I love the changing of the seasons. I feel its nice not to have the same weather all year. Although I did love San Diego where every day is a beach day. But by the end of February I have had it up to my eye balls with the cold and the snow. I guess that is also a little weird because my birthday is in February.

At the Haven the new contest is all about candy or ice cream. Basically it has to be about sweets. That's when I got this wonderful idea to make a summer time cap in the middle of the coldest stint of this winter yet. Now I do not know where all of you live but I am from the Northeast of the U.S. and its been a consistent 10 degrees here for about a month with very little warm ups. 

I made this caption for the February contest at Rachel's Haven in hopes to warm everyone up just a little. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

xoxoxo Katie

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A weekend conference

A new friend at the Haven, Linda Mallone, has made me a trade cap. But when she capped me she decided to make a cap with one of our universe characters in it. Now everyone here already knows how much I love when someone else takes a character of mine and puts their spin on it. Well when I read this one I might as well have jumped for joy. Linda had used the "Sisters of Fate" and she did an AWESOME job.. This is her first appearance on "Sugar and Spice". So leave her some love in the comment section. I have no doubt this will be a popular cap on the blog. Enjoy, I know I did.

xoxoxo Katie Mills