Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New contest

New caption challenge, cap me! Again, just write your cap in the comments below if you cannot cap.
Also I want to declare a winner in the last caption challenge.
It was close but I'm giving the first award to Dawn. So Dawn, I owe you a freebie. :)

I'm not gonna lie to you all. I have been feeling pretty down and out. But today I woke up and I feel great. I took advantage of a good day and made a few caps. I figured it would be in my best interest cause god only knows how I'll feel tomorrow. So look forward to some new material coming out soon.

Also if you have some spare change lying around check out my book on amazon.

I hope you are all healthy and happy,

xoxoxo Katie


  1. I'm telling you guys you've got to try these tights. until tonight i was as pissed as the rest of you that our sisters stole our bodies for their vacation but now wearing these i can't stop rubbing my silky legs together.
    wow it feels so good.

    1. I love it Ian, story to go with the picture.

  2. I know I can't win my own contest. But ill leave a story here anyway.

    Jake still was amazed at the changes his body just went through. Even more amazing was the fact that he was now a girl and he couldn't seen to get too upset about that. He should be rejecting this change like the plague, shouldn't he. But for some unknown reason he couldn't help but feel his super charged sex drive and the feeling of his nylon covered legs being massaged by the other girls who were also tossed into same room Jake got tossed into.
    Jake wondered if they were once guys as well. And he wondered why those people transformed him to begin with. All those idea seemed to melt away as the door unlocked and another girl was thrown in with Jake and the others. She was dressed similar to the rest, she wore a shirt skirt, t-shirt and pantyhose. She looked confused at first but soon found herself with the rest, laying down and lightly massaging their body's.

    Jake still had no explanation for the events that took place but he had a theory. He must have died and hone to heaven...