Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sometimes Justice takes time

I have been going through a bit of a pattern lately. I usually can make a few caps a day. But my life is getting a little more complicated at the moment. So I have been going through small breaks where I do not have the time I was used to. But it seems to work out that the girls from the Haven make me some wonderful caps like this one from AnneOniMouse who needs no introduction to the community. I have been following her work long before Katie Mills surfaced. If you haven't seen her work please check out one of her sites. You can get to her other sites from here as well.

I am so happy all the girls like the characters on our blog. And the write and define them so wonderfully. And when I seem to be stuck with no time. They make it possible that you still have great TG Caps to read. And in return I have caps that I owe them and then I produce more work.. Its a amazing cycle that seems to be working as of late. And with caps like these I wouldn't change it for the world..

xoxoxo Katie


  1. Well, hopefully you can get your life a bit less complicated, but take whatever time you need. I mean, you've been seriously cranking out a ton of captions. I am sure that most people are happy with whatever you can do and still have time for a normal existence!

    1. Thanks Dee, I have put out a ton of work over the past two short months. I feel like I set a standard to meet for myself. It may seem like I have a lot of free time. I assure you I don't. I just really enjoy making caps. But I think I am going to slow it down a bit for awhile. Maybe put a little more thought into my stories.