Thursday, March 21, 2013

Unexpected trip

This one was for Kid Kayla from the Haven. She had made me a wonderful cap and I am finally capping her back.

I wanted to talk a little about the BOSS as well. this is an amazing song but I love most of his music. Mostly this song reminds me of spring and summer on the east coast. Maybe down ocean city Maryland on the board walk. It is a wonderful place to be and enjoy the summer and the beautiful girls.

Maybe everyone can be a little bit nostalgic and tell me of a vacation spot they enjoyed that reminds them of the summer. I know mine. It is Ocean City Maryland on the board walk. I love the music and the sounds. And the smell of the sea air and the freedom I felt being away from my parents for the first time on senior week. That was many moos ago. But I still love reminiscing those old memories.

hope all is well.

xoxoxo Katie


  1. Jeez, vacation memories?? I have only taken one adult vacation in my life and that was back in 1999. I never really have the money to go anywhere and I'm not big on traveling. The GF and I have done day trips someplace on special anniversaries with possibly an overnight at a hotel, but that is always during the spring.

    I went to Ocean City once when I was about 10 years old. My family was visiting relatives down there on a chicken farm. I wasn't a fan of seafood at the time, but I remember eating absolute buckets of crab legs coated with what I now know was Old Bay.

    Hmm, also just remembered going to Rocky Point in RI during the summers as a late teen. They'd have concerts on Friday nights and it would be 9.41 to see a concert and ride all the rides (the amount was the local rock station's number on the dial) and we'd take advantage by piling into our cars and making the 90 minute trip each way. 3 hours of driving for 4 hours of fun seemed like a great trade off at the time!

    Also, my friends and I used to get drunk every night underneath a bridge and race Camaros and Monte Carlo SSes ... hmm that SOUNDS like a Springsteen song to me!

  2. LOL! That sure does sound like a Sprinsteen song. What great memories Dee. Thanks for sharing.

    As a family we spent two weeks every year going to visit family. But nothing can replace my first trip away from my parents my junior year in high school. I remember going down to the shore and having the time of my life. And the freedom of it all at the beach and the noises of the board walk and amusement park. I fell in love over and over again every night with someone new. It all blended into an alcoholic blur but I assure you it was amazing.

    I used to have a small Park that had rides near my house growing up. That was over 25 years ago. I have vague memories of it with my mom.

    Now I still love to travel and do so often. As you always describe me I am a bit out going. I really enjoy new people and places. The difference is I can't party like I used to before. (I can't bounce back as I did before.)

    xoxoxo Katie

  3. A vacation memory I'm fond of is from the time I visited Vienna, Austria. The city itself is amazing, especially for those who like a little bit of history. The attraction park 'Prater' is great as well. but for me, the best was Schönbrun Palace. I grew up watching the 'Sissi' movies, starring Romy Schneider, I secretly loved those, and still do. It was an amazing experience for me to visit the palace where the historical 'Sisi', Elisabeth in Beieren, lived. To breathe the atmosphere of that time.

    Funny you have the Boss on your post, When I came here I was listening to 'Queen of the supermarket'.
    But the feeling you describe of spring and summer, I get from a song called 'de Peel in brand' (the Peel on fire) by the Dutch band Rowwen Hèze. It's about the singers childhood, The title of the song is about the sunsets in 'de Peel'(an area in the province Limburg), how the singer experienced it.
    For me, in one of the places I lived as a kid, I had my bedroom window facing East. When spring came, I woke up every day a little earlier, just to see the sun rise. I could see for miles back then, before my view met a forest, and every morning it looked like it was on fire. Back then I could be found often in the woods, there was also a pond in it. The water looked almost black, due to minerals in the soil. But it was safe enough to swim in it, at least I never got sick from the water.
    I haven't thought about that in years. Thank you for the memory.