Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is there a doctorate in the house?

I made this one for Felicia at the Haven. Actually I feel bad because I received a cap from Felicia some time ago and forgot to add her name to my cap back list. But now all is right with the world.

I hope you all enjoy this cap and I hope you're all healthy and happy.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The testing of FEM109

Hey everyone, I made this caption story for Miss Hailey Pixley over at her site, It was for her caption challenge. There are three of us that made caps. Its something fun to do especially if you haven't capped before or you are looking to try it. Dee also does this too so I'm thinking about trying her version out as well.
So go check out all the caps at Hailey's blog and vote for your favorite.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Friday, May 29, 2015

Lacy's Birthday cap

Happy Birthday Lacy!
This year on my birthday, Lacy made me a cap. I must admit that I'm horrible with dates. And the haven makes it pretty easy for all that too. I guess I just forget to check those things. So Dawn mentioned about Lacy's birthday and I made her a special present for her day.
I hope you enjoy it Lacy! And I hope you have a wonderful birthday as well.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Favorite Stories and book update

Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you that the new book is finished! Woo hoo! Now Dawn is helping me edit it so a couple more days. But it ended up being twelve chapters long. I had plans for a couple more chapters but decided to cut them. I felt like if I went on too long after the change it would be rambling and feel too dragged out.
The book will be called "The Blue Vial".
Dawn helped me out with that one too. I was going in a different direction completely and Dawn was there to give me the ol' "Keep it simple stupid." Lol! Sometimes I need a K.I.S.S.
But talking with Dawn about different stories we both liked. From vanilla to XXX and all the different authors we enjoyed got me thinking.
TG stories have been a huge part of my life, well since the invention of the internet anyway. And we all have our favorite universes or authors. Heck, it could even be captions you enjoy. It could be Bikini beach, Spells 'r' Us or any other universe.
So my question is, Who is your absolute favorite tg author or universe? Please tell me in the comments. Tell me why you loved them and a little about your favorite story.
I have so many, I loved Pink Gladiolas, from Edith Bennett Bellamy. I read almost all her stories. She was one of the first authors I ever read on the internet.
Certain stories from certain universes stand out in my mind. And universes are usually written by different people. Now I can't tell you about every favorite story I had for every universe but ill tell you about two.
Bikini beach, one story I remember very much so. It was about a bunch of skin head bigots that were going to go to the park and harass all the women. Especially the women of color.
I loved the story because the author had the old woman take care of the three boys by slowly transforming them into a black woman, a Asian woman and a Latino woman. It was such wonderful justice and still very sexy. Well written and definitely enjoyed.
My second one is called "Casino" on Nifty archive. In fact, here's a link to the story.
If you read this story you may even see how it inspired me for many captions.
So please, leave me a message in the comments. Tell me about your favorite authors, stories, universes. Leave a link if you can so we can all enjoy them.
I hope you're all healthy and happy.
And I can't wait for your comments.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Katie's boots were made for walking

Hey everyone, I made this one for RockNeo over at the Haven. I haven't been too active with my captions lately. I actually tried to go back to work for a month or two. More so to get my hours in for my benefits. But at the moment I'm back home and I have some time again. I'm feeling a little tired but definitely better. To be honest, I'd much rather be working and back to my normal routine.
But again, at the moment I'm all yours. Lol! So I will be making a few more caps for the time being.
Also I'll get to work on the new book and hopefully finish it up before June.
So as usual, I hope you are all healthy and happy. Remember, without your health you have nothing.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Monday, May 25, 2015

Book update

Hello everyone, just an update on the new book. I started chapter 11 the other night and I believe im winding it down. Probably going to be between 13 to 15 chapters. It quite a bit longer than my other books. There is a really good transformation in the book along with coming to terms as a new woman. Sexual experiments and sexual experiences are throughout the book as well. All in all I'm really proud of this one so far. And I'm debating on throwing in another transformation if it ends up fitting in.
Still not sure on what I'm calling it yet. I have a few names in mind but nothing concrete. Maybe Dawn, with her infamous wisdom can help me name it. She helps me out with so much and is a huge contributor to my books as is. She edits them and rereads through for my numerous mistakes I make when I get into a writing frenzy.
If you haven't read my other books you can check them out on Amazon here,
Anyway, I hope everyone is healthy and happy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Saturday, May 23, 2015

You are what you read

I'm still plugging away at my Chelsea Baker file. Lol! I believe I still owe her two or three more caps. She made me a bunch all at once. They were awesome. So I've been repaying her slowly as I find a picture I think she would like. I hope you are all healthy and happy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Friday, May 22, 2015

Link to old Camera cap

Hey everyone, its just lil ol' me. I told Hailey Pixley that I would post my old cap from the original "Magical Camera" so here is a link to it on my blog. I feel like my capping style has come a long way since then.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it all over again. Lol!
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Permanent Accident

I made this one for AnneIonMouse at the Haven. I'm pretty sure I owed her one and forgot to write it down on my list. So I decided to make another Silky Silhouettes cap with Anne becoming the next victim to fall pray of the Nano technology of the sexy pantyhose.
Cross dressing and role playing are fun but I like how with the right product, "Silky Silhouettes", it can get out of hand.
I hope you all enjoy this cap and are healthy and happy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kc's devious plan

I have to apologize. I do not always check my Gmail account for new mail. Anyone who has tried to get in touch with me through Gmail probably has figured this out already. Your best way to get in touch with me is here. Even if you just leave a comment to tell me you sent me a message to my Gmail. Lol!
With that being said, I was looking through my Gmail account the other day after Elise told me she emailed me her spin to one of my caps. While glancing through my email I found one from someone named KC. The message was a little vague, it basically said " Hey Katie can you make me into a cap. My name is KC." It really had no preferences to the beginning name to ending name. No age or how they wanted to be transformed. So I decided to give it my best shot with this cap.
Kc, if you are out there, I hope that you enjoyed this cap. Leave a message in the comments if you are comfortable doing so.
On another note, I think once a week I will have a sign up where you can comment me here and I'll cap you. Just leave the first name you wish to start with. (Doesn't have to be your actual first name if you do not want it to be.) What type of transformation you prefer, (Sci FI, magic, wish, revenge, cross dressing etc.)
And I'll turn you into a cap on the blog. If you're from the Haven I'll add it to your folder as well. These caps will be a gift. Which means there will be no cap back needed.
I'll post it sometime over this week or weekend. I hope this will make it easier for people who want me to cap them.
Thanks all!
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cap from Elise

Hey everyone, this cap was made by the beautiful Elise. She is always so generous to grace us with a cap. Did I mention that I absolutely love when my friends participate in my blog. She did my first cap a ton of justice by adding onto it.
Thanks Elise, I loved it!
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Monday, May 18, 2015

Springtime in Paris

Hello all, I made this one for Lacy at the Haven. Lacy and I have had a pretty good time capping back and forth since we met at the Haven. And a big plus is that Lacy doesn't like being fully transformed into a woman like I do. So that helps me write a cap I normally wouldn't make. It makes me think outside my comfort zone and that's always a good thing. A lot of times it helps you unlock part of your brain, so to speak. So I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed making it.
As always I hope you all are happy and healthy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Friday, May 15, 2015

Selfie's are dangerous

Hello all, I made this cap for Miss Pixley because I happened to be thinking about her and just got done reading one of her caps. Anyway, awhile ago I made a cap about a camera that a father used to transform his daughters boyfriend into a girlfriend. I liked the idea very much and thought the original cap was very witty. So this might be a continuation to that original cap. Maybe Patrick or Hunter's girlfriends was that original girl from the previous caption I made. Perhaps the father slipped the camera in her purse and turned the testosterone setting all the way down.
Hmmmmm! Sounds like you can write a beginning to this cap in the comments. Or an ending too.
I hope you enjoyed it, I also hope you're all healthy and happy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A slight change in perspective

I made this one for Brittany at the haven.
I absolutely love revenge caps, and I'd say Bernie deserved what he got. Although I do enjoy the thought of him being transformed into a pair of tights as well.
I hope you are all healthy and happy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Hey Everyone

Hey all, good news, Dawn told me about a way to restore some of my posts I may have deleted when google was going to get rid of blogs with adult content.

But some of the posts had more than one cap so start with the last cap and work your way upwards. Lol!

Anyway I hope you enjoy.

xoxoxo Katie

Monday, May 11, 2015

Changes made

I took this one down when Google was going to remove all blogs with adult content. It was made for SimplySays and I really enjoyed making it. Unfortunately I deleted a bunch of caps with adult content and they are gone now. Then Dawn told me something that hadn't occurred to me. I could have just moved them from actively showing on the blog to not showing at all. But she did save this one for me and for that I thank you Dawn.
So enjoy it all over again..
I hope you're all healthy and happy
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spice it up

Hey everyone, Happy Mothers Day! I made this one for Dee over at the Haven. Dee actually commented a few posts ago about mis wording wishes with Genie's. So I made her one about mis wording. Although once I saw this picture I knew it had to be capped. Regardless of what you think about the cap, the position this woman is in is truly impressive.
Anyway, I hope you are all healthy and happy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Nothing as it seams

Friday, May 8, 2015

Don't Hassle the Talent

I made this one for Simplysays at the Haven.
To be honest I had this story figured out the first time I looked at the picture.
I'd like to tell you I finished another chapter on the book and started a new one. Up to chapter 7 now. Woot Woot!!
I hope you're all healthy and happy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Feet

I loved the picture so I felt it needed to be captioned. I hope you're all doing very good and I would like you to know that the new book is up to Chapter 5. Wooo hooo! And I know this one will be quite a bit longer than my last books. I have so much to cover yet on Rick/Pamela's journey. But I figure I should give you a bit of a synopsis of the book.
Rick is a farm boy from Bucks county Pennsylvania who aspires to move to the city and make something of himself. He leaves a loving family behind and tries his fortune in the city that never sleeps. But when he gets to New York he finds how difficult it is to make it there. But one day something huge happens and it really sets the ball in motion.
Good times writing this one so far. It might be a bit longer then I anticipated to be finished. But I work on it everyday so it shouldn't be too long.