Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kevin of the Sisters

Well this is the last of my 2-4-1 offers. Raven who is another new friend I met at Rachel's Haven, made her amazing version of The Sisters of Fate. I think she did a great job. And told her story so well to the picture. This may be the longest time in the past 2 months that I had this blog where I didn't post a thing of my own. (Except when I got sick) I have actually taken some time and thought about this. I really think I want to make a few less caps throughout the week. I have a very demanding job and a family. I try my best to make quality caps as well. And for the people who come and visit my blog, I really appreciate all of your support. And let me tell you, comments will get you everywhere.

But on another note, I, aside from my blog, I am just like most of you. I like to read TG stories and captions. I like reading TG Comics as well.  But having a blog really cuts into that time that I used to surf and read other blogs by artists that are probably much better then myself. And I really enjoyed reading their work. I still keep up on a few of my favorites but there are a ton of sites I would love to catch up on.

Now so everyone can breath easy, I am not stopping my site. I have no intention to ever stop captioning. I love it way too much. I believe my friend Dee's actual words were, "Katie is like a kid in a candy store." Pertaining to my recent membership to the greatest site ever, Rachel's Haven. But I am going to slow down a bit. I am going to enjoy this wonderful community that has always been here for me. I am going to read through other blogs and I am not going to get myself into a full blown anxiety attack if I haven't posted something in the last 4 hours. LOL!

And for those of you who read my blog everyday I believe that you probably do genuinely like my work and you will still stop by from time to time. Ha! I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I have put out over 200 caps in just, just over 2 months. And I am proud of that. What I am most happy about is meeting all the new friends, I really want to just name them all but I wouldn't have enough time. This little blog started out a short two months ago with one loyal friend, Miss Hailey Pixley. And she still is a great friend. And if you haven't been over to "A Tights Spot" yet then what are you waiting for.

Again, above all else, thank you everyone for putting Sugar and Spice on the map. I really love doing the work. I also feel like I need to get back to my roots and start writing the stuff that pushed all my buttons.  If you have anything to comment, please leave one. Even if its just a simple hello. And don't forget to leave Miss Raven some love for the wonderful cap.  

Thanks everyone for reading my ramble. 
xoxoxo Katie Mills  


  1. Loved this one! The picture and story are both excellent and the idea that it was done as a reward and not a punishment is great. Very nicely done Raven.

  2. Taking a break is always understandable. No sense in burning out all that enthusiasm for capping now is there? Thanks for posting one of my caps, always glad when I see one of mine as a guest :). Thanks Hrdknight, I'm glad you liked it. As a side note, I've admired your caps for quite some time. If you have a haven account that I can't find then I'd be glad to trade with you sometime :)