Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Right where I belong!

Believe it or not, when I saw this picture the first person I thought of was Elise. Not just because Elise is a good friend of mine in the community but when I think of Elise I picture a woman much like the one in this cap.
Thinking of Elise I always picture a woman of beauty unmatched by almost every woman on earth. Long dark hair, dressed like a woman in every aspect with legs that go on forever and beautiful heels adorning her nylon covered feet. A woman that men lust after and women envy. Elise, in my mind, can dabble with both sexes because both men and women would crumble at her advances.
Perhaps that's why I took an image of a woman who absolutely reminded me of Elise and made her myself. Maybe I just wanted to know what it was like for one moment in her skin.
So Elise, if you read this, I'm sorry for stealing your body if only for a moment. But I will say, it is nice looking like this for once. ;)
Question, who would you be, celebrity or person in your life? Would it be Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Anne Hathaway, maybe Elise.
Would it be a slow transformation, or maybe "Poof" and you're them. Explain your fantasy. How would your tea formation take place. Explain how you feel while transforming. Can you transform back or are you stuck? Would you be embarrassed having to explain why you are now a woman or would everyone remember you as the woman you transformed into?
Comment, make a good long one as you describe who and how you transform into. Remember ladies, details, details, details!!!
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hope you're all happy and healthy
xoxoxo Katie Mills
Happy Holidays!


  1. MY fantasy transformation would be.....
    To look like Charlize Theron's identical-twin, and it would take place IMMEDIATELY, and be PERMANENT !!!
    If it truly exists, I would feel like I died and was reborn in heaven. *dreaming*

    1. Charlie Theron's a great pick. She is absolutely beautiful. I wouldn't mind being her either. Although I enjoy a nice slow change. I would want to notice it in the mirror. Anything from 20 minutes to days/weeks. :)

      Thanks for letting us know about your fantasy Alana.
      xoxoxo Katie

  2. Replies
    1. Merry Christmas Dee, sorry I'm a little late on that. :)

      xoxoxo Katie

  3. Elise looks and sounds like my type of woman! Please show us more of her. I think I'm in love.

    1. Lol! If you knew Elise from Rachels Haven, you would understand why this beautiful woman reminded me of her.
      She is easy to fall for, lol!

      xoxoxo Katie

    2. Mr. Anonymous (or is it Miss - ooh la la!),
      I'm intrigued by your interest in me. There my be more pictures of me out there, but how bad do you want it?

  4. Dearest Katie,
    I'm almost embarrassed by your flattering words! It makes my heart skip a few beats to know you feel that way about me!

    Did you know that I don't always dress in heels and hose? Sometimes I just want wear something cozy, like leggings or jeans - but I do make sure that I wear something little and lacy underneath.

    I don't mind you being in my body. When you write such flattering words, there's no where else I want you to be - wink, wink!!
    Ciao! Elise