Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Recently I received a email from a person who has been following my blog. Maybe even from the beginning. She had a lot of questions about transitioning from Male to female.
Now before I continue I want to be clear that I am not a doctor of any kind and the things I may say are only my opinion.
With that being said, this specific person was considering suicide as a means to a way out. And unfortunately, the suicide rate for transgender's is a huge problem. Life is already tough and when you add in being trans, it only makes it harder.
Why did this person confide in me I don't know. But we have been talking for a few days now and I think they finally see a little light.
Sometimes a big weight removed is just telling someone how you feel. And in this case that someone happened to be me.
I know because before I found this community, I felt all bottled up and had no way to discuss my passions or secrets. I hid them all from everyone in dark places. And before I got sick, I was really thinking that transitioning was a path I might consider. I even talked to a doctor about it a few times and she was truly helpful. She has not yet diagnosed my condition because shortly after we started our meetings I found out I was really sick with an actual life threatening illness.
Perhaps it was the universe telling me something. But one thing I do no is I'm not suicidal.
So please, if you find yourself in dark places and it feels like there is no way out. Email someone, or go to
just talk to someone, ANYONE! And remember there are places on the web where you can find help. Sites made just to help trans people. Most are created by trans people.
Seriously, just type into a search engine, "transgender help" and the list will go on and on. But keep in mind that any solution is better than suicide.
They say that being transgendered can be a lonely life. People lose friends and family. But you will always have people in this community that will be here with open arms awaiting you every step of the way.
I hope you are all healthy and happy. And if you're not, its just a call or click away.
xoxoxo Katie Mills


  1. It warms my heart to hear stories of people helping each other whether friend or stranger. A pat on the back for you Katie. I've been struggling with my own identity crisis for almost 20 years and its sites like this and people like you to help me keep my chin by knowing I'm not alone.

    1. Thank you Sue, but I know when I hit rock bottom there were people who were right there for me. The people we share our fantasies, hopes, dreams and so much more all really care fir each other. The person who contacted me is a person who didn't want to be identified. She told me it was okay to put this post up to help others as well. Maybe one day she might start participating in comments and make herself a profile. But we all do that when we feel comfortable enough to. Some may never feel that comfortable at all. But it makes me feel good to know that whoever she confided in with her identity issues, me or anyone else, I know she would have been in good hands. That's what's great about our community. I just hope she takes my advice and seeks help and she promised to keep in touch with me. I know with the right help she will find the right path. Its never easy but it will get better.

      xoxoxo Katie

  2. To the one who has reached out to you, Dawn, I would say that there is always someone and somewhere to turn to for help! Especially in this age of internet. So, please, do not believe you are alone, or that there are none who care about you and what you might be feeling or going through!!!

    Following my own experience with a potentially fatal condition I started to do TG-Captions as the only means I would ever get to express my womanhood, and in doing so, found some peace in a sharing & caring community of strangers who understand what I think and feel.
    It may not have solved all the problems in my life, but it has helped to connect with like-minded others and remove the sense of isolation, so don't give up!

    Dawn, huggs-&-cheers for doing what you can to help this soul!! If there is some way I might help, please, let me know!


    1. Thank you Elle fir your kind words. The person who reached out to me wasn't Dawn. Dawn helps me out with my blog and on the haven. But what you said was perfectly written and applies to everyone who may be facing these same problems. And I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to this community and the wonderful people who are part of it. We all come from different walks of life and we all have different backgrounds but one thing we share is this community. We support each other and care for one another. I only wish the rest of the world acted like the wonderful people in our community. It would be a much better place, I can promise you that.

      xoxoxo Katie Mills

    2. I was addressing Dawn as the one who made the post since the dateline at the bottom of it says "Posted by Dawn". So, my apologies for mistaking that it was she instead of you, Katie!

      And, yes. The world would be a much better place if if more of its occupants realized they're at least half female and stopped trying to make everyone else live by what they think is right! Much less strife & suffering would be the case if the "golden rule" were truly followed by all. i.m.o. And the dear soul you wrote of above would probably not have been pushed to the edge.

    3. Any post with a picture in it will say Dawn at the bottom because I upload all of the pics and caps for Katie. So I am always listed as the creator of the post but the posts are actually all Katie's.

    4. Ah, I see. Something I might have been aware of had I paid better attention. My Apologies! And... YEAH, TEAM!!!

      I hope the un-named individual is doing well and that things are looking better for/to her now! :-x:-x