Saturday, February 16, 2019

Meet Courtney

Corey stepped out of his mom's car and headed into the photographer's studio with his bag of clothes. His mom told him to text her once his senior pictures were done. He wasn't looking forward to this. He hated having his picture taken.

Greeted by the photographer, he was promptly shown the changing rooms and was left to his thoughts as he opened his bag.

But to his surprise he was racked with wonder as he pulled out a pair of black pantyhose. 

"What the f..." His voice trailed off as he pulled out another article of female clothing. Then another. "This must be some kind of mistake." He said out loud. His bag was full of women's clothing. 

Just then, a knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. "Are you almost done in there Courtney?" The voice said outside the changing room door. Shocked that they called him a girls name, only to be more shocked by his response. "Just a minute, I'll be right out."

But the sound of his voice was the most shocking of all. It was definitely no longer the voice of a man.

Then, without warning, Corey found himself getting undressed and grabbing some of the clothes. Black hose, panties, tight black shorts and an tangerine colored top.

He watched himself as his body went on auto pilot and began to dress in the most feminine mannerisms. It was like he'd been doing this his whole life. But it was his body transforming to match the clothes that terrified him the most. He wanted to scream, to run out of there. But he couldn't.

Later that day, A tall, blonde, young woman, named Courtney, dressed in a tight black mini skirt, black shiny hose, four inch heels and a body suit left the photographer's studio and jumped into her sports car. And inside that beautiful woman, Corey was trapped. He felt the shiny hose rub against the soft fabric of the skirts. He could feel the bodysuit pull tight against his new and empty space between his legs. He heard the clicking of his heels on the pavement.

He was stuck being a pantyhose model forever.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Semi-truth in advertising

Hey everyone, I haven't had much time for a new caption. But I still have a few caps that Dawn has made me in the past. I know that Dawn posted them on her blog as well. But they were really good caps and in case some of you haven't seen them, here you go.

I guess getting to the big news. My appointment that Ive made with a gender therapist. I guess I have more of a question for everyone.

I have been communicating with the therapist via email. Or at least I thought it was with the therapist. It turns out that it was her whole damn office. Compounded by the fact that this therapist doesn't specialize in Gender issues like it said online as well. I know her staff would eventually know me and my reason for seeking therapy. But it was misleading online. It gives the illusion that you would be directly talking with the therapist. I don't know, it felt very invasive the way the whole process went down..

Maybe I'm wrong but it was difficult writing to this person and confessing to them that I have a Gender identity issue. But I was very vocal with the staff, again via email, about how it made me feel.

FINALLY over a week later, the actual therapist wrote me back and told me it was all just a SNAFU.. It gave me a bad experience and I surely won't be going to this therapist.

But what I'm finding out is I can basically talk to any therapist in the world via my phone. So do any of you know of a great gender therapist, preferably female please, that you may recommend.

I'm upset and annoyed over this situation but I'm not going to stop now. I want to continue on with what I started.

Thanks everyone, I hope you're all happy and healthy. 
I can't wait for your comments to see about a therapist or if you had a crazy situation to tell me about as well.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Monday, April 4, 2016

Time for change

Hey everyone, I have some news. It's actually huge news and I'm nervous as hell. 
Until recently I've been back and fourth in my mind with this decision. And I feel like I need to vent. So two days ago I reached out to a gender therapist and scheduled an appointment.

I'm terrified! I'm terrified that they will confirm my suspicions that I'm transgendered. I'm also terrified equally that they will tell me I'm not trans. Does that make any sense.

I have been suppressing these feeling for so long I feel like it's almost normal to feel numb. But talking to some people in my life from this community and my friend here at home has given me a new sense of reality. I've  been fantasizing in my mind at the idea of just being myself. Just allowing myself to be me, whoever that may be..

I have concerns about my daughter. I have a little girl who is seven. She and I are super close. And I'm scared for what this will mean for her and I and our future. It also concerns me that I'm 34 and not a small petite man. The testosterone has been doing its thing for far too long. 

I actually thought of self medicating years ago just to get that feeling of being someone else. The feeling of medamorphasis that lots of the girls describe. But it's so dangerous to self medicate and there is far too much to lose and leave behind. Besides, if I'm gonna start on hormones, I think it will be obvious to most people that I would be changing and the question goes to, why not just come out and do it right. But I'm not sure I am trans.. Although I'm pretty sure I am.

I'm not suicidal, nor do I feel depressed. I just feel empty. Like my time as who I am now has run it course and there no more I could do. Other times I feel like I'm living a lie and I am trying too hard to be who I'm not. Other times I feel like I'm exactly who I'm supposed to be. But it always fades.

So I want to start using this blog while I'm going through my self exploration to discuss gender issues. I want to get your insight on different topics. I know many of my friends in this wonderful community who have transitioned and they are brave and strong for doing it. They have endless advice to give and I'm willing to take it all to the bank.

My friend Danielle asked me the other day to name three things I love and cherish in my life. Naturally, I said my daughter, my new found health and my family/friends.

She paused as she teared up with a half cocked grin. Her words were never more pure and true.

She said, "You never mentioned yourself. You never put yourself, your actual self on the list. It's okay to self love as long as you truly see yourself and feel good." 

She was right, not that I mind putting everyone in my life first but it's okay to put ourselves at the top of the list.

So in the most purest of ways, I feel like I'm doing that by making this appointment.

So I want to thank Dee and Dawn for everything. They have been great friends. I've never felt such a connection to people I've never met before in person. But if you could use people like them to describe our community and how we take care of each other, it would paint a perfect picture.

And I will still make captions but I really want to start using this blog for more. I want to discuss these topics and so much more.

Thank you everyone, and as always I hope you're all healthy and happy.  Feel free to comment your thoughts. And I'll join in the discussion.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Fool's revenge

Hey Everyone! This was an amazing cap made for me by Dawn. She went out of her way to make a great cap. Thanks Dawn, I love it..

xoxoxo Katie

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Best friends make great lovers

Hey everyone, I made this one for Chelsea Baker over at the Haven. I'm almost caught back up with her. Lol!

Today is Super Tuesday and I'm a political nerd. Believe me it matters, get out and vote! 

I hope you're all healthy and happy. And if you get a chance, check out my new book.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hey everyone!

Hello all! It's been a week or so but things are getting a little hectic once again. But before I continue on about why I haven't produced I have some new news for you.

I have a friend named Danielle. We met about a year ago and we hit it off. Since then we have been meeting up once a week for coffee or a walk. She even used to visit me when I was still pretty sick. 

Anyway, about a month ago we got to talking about men and women. And if you're like me, I will joke about transformations in conversations. But one day I just opened up to her. I told her about my passions, my fantasies and my blog here. I told her about me..... Katie....
It didn't surprise me that she was understanding. What surprised me more was that she wanted to understand. She had questions and she was curious. She was perfect. Lol!

I will admit that it was amazing to open up with someone. To really let them in. To get a secret out about myself that has been on my shoulders since I was five.

We talked all through the night. She confessed some Secrets to me as well. 
She used to make extra money selling panties and Pantyhose, tights etc... She said it was actually fun and she got to know a ton of people in the fetish industry. And believe me when I tell you Danielle is very attractive. She is stunning. And I'm not writing this because she will probably read it. ;) 

Anyway, I plan on making some new caps this week so stay tuned. I hope you're all healthy and happy.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Happy birthday Katie!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New book

Hey all, its Katie. 
Just a simple ad for my new book..

Check it out! See you soon with some new caps later this week..

xoxoxo Katie

Sunday, February 7, 2016

You ain't seen nothing yet

Hey all, its Katie! I guess you've realized that I'm back from yet another break. Lol! But this break was needed. I was working like crazy right up to the new year. Which is a really good thing considering. But if you haven't noticed, I had a new book published on Amazon,

found in the link above. I have to thank first and foremost my life line, Dawn. If not for her, my blog wouldn't work. It wouldn't exist. And secondly, I'd like to thank Brittany Montgomery. She asked me if I'd write a book on commission, which I agreed to. Took a little longer than planned but she was super patient. So my new book is dedicated to her. She even gave me a few great ideas on how to finish it up for her. So really, she was a huge part of the creative process. To be honest, I really enjoyed writing a

I will be making caps again but not nearly as often. I'll try to make at least one a week. I find that I burn myself out and then take huge breaks. I eventually get my creative juices flowing again, I'll bang out a bunch of caps and than burn myself out again. It's a vicious cycle. Lol!

So I guess it's time to let you know that I'm writing another book. But it will be a compilation of short stories that get to the transformation quickly. It's a little different from what I'm used to writing but we'll see how it goes.

I hope you're all healthy and happy!
xoxoxo Katie Mills

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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Group therapy


Monday, December 21, 2015


Does anyone know what this is from, I'd like to watch the whole thing

xoxoxo Katie

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A new awkward relationship

Hey everyone, sorry for the break. I had a lot that was going on. First it started out as a break but then a family member got sick and things came unglued. But everything is getting back to normal and I'm back at the moment. So I made this one for Chelsea Baker over at the Haven. I am almost caught back up with Chelsea. Woot woot! Although I truly enjoy capping for her. She shares a lot of similar tastes with me.

So I hope you're all healthy and happy.

xoxoxo Katie

Nice Heels