Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chosen Words

I enjoyed making this one for a friend at the Haven. Miss Chelsea Baker has made me some amazing caps. I hope if you are not part of the Haven you decide today will be the day you check it out. I will tell you this much. I never found a better place to have a outlet for my ideas and passions. I know that must sound funny but it is the truth. If you join you have the ability to cap or discuss on almost any topic you ever wanted. And what makes it even better is you will find others that share your thoughts and help push some buttons you never even knew you had.

Other then that the blog is doing well. And I feel like I made a huge step in the right direction by letting anyone be able to comment on here. (Again I never knew anyone couldn't. Sorry again.) But I never imagined that I would be having over 100,000 views in a month. It blows my mind that anyone would want to see my work that much. Although I really can't take all the credit. I have had some awesome friends guest cap on here as well and their work was embraced by all of you. So thank you all for that. I think 100,000 views plus say's it all. Thank you again.

The only thing I would like to see more would be a few more comments. Even if you want to tell me you didn't like it and the reason why. Believe me when I tell you that comments make anyone with a caption blog feel really good about our work. Other then that I plan to keep on keeping on with my blog and maybe caption a few new ideas and characters. And perhaps bring back some old ones as well. Hope everyone is well. And thanks for listening to yet another ramble from yours truly. ;)

xoxoxo Katie


  1. Loved this one Katie! The way he changed without even knowing it was just too fun. Great description of the change too, and the braces were just the perfect topper. Just goes to show one should never piss off a
    girl who knows magic. Great work!

  2. I totally agree with with Hrdknights comment. Great Caption.
    As for Rachel's Haven, I haven't been there for long yet, but it is indeed a great place, even if you only wish to roam around and show your support to the creative minds of captioning.
    I found every caption artist to lend a willing ear to me so far, and not only at the Haven. But on their blogs as well.

  3. Thank you both I do agree also, I love the braces too, it adds so much to how much he had changed. Thank you both your comments are always appreciated.