Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keep your eye's peeled.

I am really in the mood to cap tonight and I have about 6 people to cap over at Rachel's Haven. If you would like to start capping and really do not want to start your own blog. Go to the Haven and make an account. Go into the FORUM and then go down to "You Cap Me, I Cap You" and look through the first 3 folders of members that are active and pick anyone you want. Click on their name and look at their preferences. Then make a cap using any program you want that is made from the persons preferences. Seriously, that's all there is to it. Then click back on their name, click NEW TOPIC. Name your cap and say a little something about it.... ( Hope you like it, my first cap)  Then  ask one of the admins for a folder and they will help you with that. Once you capped someone and have a folder make your own preferences and wait to be capped and that is it my friends.. It is such a great place and so much fun. I have met so many people there and have made so many new friends..

Even if you don't want to cap, you should join just to see everything there is to look at. There is so much art and caps to check out. I hope to see some new faces there. Have a great night and keep your station tuned in. I am in the mood to cap tonight...

xoxoxo Katie 

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