Thursday, March 7, 2013

Liz's Dopplganger

This was a very big first for me as well. I made this for a good friend Melina at the Haven as a cap back. I have made a ton of Liz captions over the past few months. It seems like forever ago Haily Pixley were taking a caption I made and turning the old Liz into who she is today. She seems to be a well liked character by everyone. The thing about Liz is she has never been seen before. So as a gift to Melina, I made Liz transform Melina into a exact copy of herself. So I am really not showing Liz, I am really showing Melina as Liz's twin. So I am happy to say Melina was honored to receive the first Liz appearance.

So it is almost Friday and I still have a few captions to post. But I am not going to post them like I used to. I will post them throughout the week periodically so that you can get some new caps throughout instead of one lump sum. I guess if this were the lottery I would be forcing you to take annuity instead of all the money greatly taxed.

I hope everyone's week was wonderful and have a great and safe weekend.

If you all knew Melina like I know Melina you would know that this song sums her up in a heartbeat. She is a little naughty girl that really shows it in her captions. LOL! So I hope she enjoys this song half as much as I enjoy her. ;)

xoxoxo Katie


  1. Wonderful caption,
    I know Melina as well, and indeed she is a lovely, fun, naughty spirit. (this isn't gossiping, is it???)

    1. LMAO! No this isn't gossiping Helena. Ha! She is naughty, but if I know Melina she will be the first one to tell you she is naughty.

      xoxoxo Katie