Saturday, February 16, 2013

She is so worth it


  1. What a nice, sweet caption. It showed a bit of apprehension but still showed he was up for it.

    I haven't heard The Ataris in a LONG time! They were great on Fat Wreck Records, and then the dreaded "cover song" came out when they got a to a major label.

  2. Thanks for your kind words about the caption. And I agree Dee, the Ataris did go very commercial after "Boys of Summer". This song is post commercial Ataris. But if you listen to the words its actually about the Goonies.

    So long, astoria
    I found a map to burried treasure
    And even if we come home empty-handed
    We'll still have our stories and battle scars
    Pirate ships and wounded hearts
    Broken bones and all the best of friendships
    And when this hourglass has filtered out it's final grain of sand
    I'll raise my glass to the memories we own

    This is my world
    And I'm taking it back
    I'm taking it all back

    I loved the Goonies, not sure I met anyone who didn't enjoy that adventure.

    xoxoxo Katie