Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pay it forward

Cintia, thank you so very much. I truly appreciate what you have done and you have no idea how much that helped me. You are truly a beautiful person. And if ever I can be in a position to help you, I will. And if that time never comes, I will pay it forward.
xoxoxo Katie Mills


  1. Now I know why women try not to cry while wearing eye makeup! You didn't need to make a caption for me (BUT I SO LOVE THAT YOU DID!). Let me know if you ever need to talk, okay? I hope it's okay but I've been promoting your cause on my blog too. Thank you. Love Cintia


  3. Cintia, thank you so much, the fundraising is starting out slow, but I have received many friends in the community reach out and help me with a ton of great advice. This community is so well knitted and we all really care for one another. It warms my heart on how much we all care.

    Thanks for putting my fundraising campaign up on your blog. Every bit helps. I am about to check out this cap, and I'm super excited. Thank you, :)

    xoxoxo Katie

    Ps, I didn't mean to make you mascara run, :)

  4. Way to go Cintia! Great to see you helping out a friend.

    For the both of you .. try waterproof mascara. Sephora has it at a decent price and it works fairly well .. from what I hear!