Thursday, May 28, 2015

Favorite Stories and book update

Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you that the new book is finished! Woo hoo! Now Dawn is helping me edit it so a couple more days. But it ended up being twelve chapters long. I had plans for a couple more chapters but decided to cut them. I felt like if I went on too long after the change it would be rambling and feel too dragged out.
The book will be called "The Blue Vial".
Dawn helped me out with that one too. I was going in a different direction completely and Dawn was there to give me the ol' "Keep it simple stupid." Lol! Sometimes I need a K.I.S.S.
But talking with Dawn about different stories we both liked. From vanilla to XXX and all the different authors we enjoyed got me thinking.
TG stories have been a huge part of my life, well since the invention of the internet anyway. And we all have our favorite universes or authors. Heck, it could even be captions you enjoy. It could be Bikini beach, Spells 'r' Us or any other universe.
So my question is, Who is your absolute favorite tg author or universe? Please tell me in the comments. Tell me why you loved them and a little about your favorite story.
I have so many, I loved Pink Gladiolas, from Edith Bennett Bellamy. I read almost all her stories. She was one of the first authors I ever read on the internet.
Certain stories from certain universes stand out in my mind. And universes are usually written by different people. Now I can't tell you about every favorite story I had for every universe but ill tell you about two.
Bikini beach, one story I remember very much so. It was about a bunch of skin head bigots that were going to go to the park and harass all the women. Especially the women of color.
I loved the story because the author had the old woman take care of the three boys by slowly transforming them into a black woman, a Asian woman and a Latino woman. It was such wonderful justice and still very sexy. Well written and definitely enjoyed.
My second one is called "Casino" on Nifty archive. In fact, here's a link to the story.
If you read this story you may even see how it inspired me for many captions.
So please, leave me a message in the comments. Tell me about your favorite authors, stories, universes. Leave a link if you can so we can all enjoy them.
I hope you're all healthy and happy.
And I can't wait for your comments.
xoxoxo Katie Mills


  1. Target date for release of The Blue Vial is June 5th (official announcement will be made as soon as the date is firmed up).

    I told Katie already that my favorite story is 'Blue Nails' by Emmie Dee and the only place I think I've ever seen it is here:
    I think I like it because the reason for the protagonist dressing is nobler than in most stories (Milady's Wiles by Brandy DeWinter also comes to mind).

    There are times when I love forced fem stories and other times when I like positive happy stories. Sometimes you can get both, Tigger's 'Aunt Jane' stories probably do that best..

    Above all I love stories with developed characters and a good plot. My only regret is some very good writers have gotten hooked on the never ending story and others stopped writing.

    1. Dawn, I read Blue Nails and I just wanted to thank you. It was a beautiful, well written story with a very different reason for the tg/ dressing. I truly enjoyed it.

      Thanks for sharing
      xoxoxo Katie

  2. SO glad to hear you are done with your next book!

    I go way back to when compuserve had a section for tg stories, and the main place to get stories were the Nifty Transgender archive which was an FTP site on Carnegie Mellon's server!

    I remember the first SRU story when Bill Hart posted it onto the TSA mailing list, and its been my favorite universe ever since, because it is so expansive.

    God, the amount of stories I liked over the years! Ummm, Coolness Factor is one that I think was done by Joe Six Pack, who has done a bunch of my favorite ones. Uggh, one of these days I should look over my archives and repost some if I can't find the originals online!

  3. I have to agree with you Dee. I love the "Spells 'R' Us" universe. Bill Hart left us a real gem with that one. And Joe Six Pack had so many good stories. Its amazing that we all read the same stories at different times in our lives but we all enjoyed them for the same reasons. Well most likely.
    If you find some storied you love, I'd love for you to share them with me. I'd love to read them.

    Thanks Dee
    xoxoxo Katie