Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Katie's boots were made for walking

Hey everyone, I made this one for RockNeo over at the Haven. I haven't been too active with my captions lately. I actually tried to go back to work for a month or two. More so to get my hours in for my benefits. But at the moment I'm back home and I have some time again. I'm feeling a little tired but definitely better. To be honest, I'd much rather be working and back to my normal routine.
But again, at the moment I'm all yours. Lol! So I will be making a few more caps for the time being.
Also I'll get to work on the new book and hopefully finish it up before June.
So as usual, I hope you are all healthy and happy. Remember, without your health you have nothing.
xoxoxo Katie Mills


  1. Sorry Honey. I felt the same way when I was out for 2 weeks with my knee injury. Everyone but the doctor said I was coming back too soon. Worked like 3 weeks, and this week I have vacation time .. and the knee acted up again so I'm sort of staying home this whole week. I posted a caption in your trading folder today (co-staring Hailey) so it isn't ALL bad staying home!

    Working makes you feel so much more normal though, doesn't it?

    1. Oh no! Your knee is hurting again. I'm sorry Dee, I hope it feels better. Back pain, knee pain, a bad ear ache, or tooth ache are the worst. Because all of those I just mentioned are relentless. Worse yet is when it happens on your vacation.

      And yes, I would much rather work. It gives you a sense of purpose. And thank you very much for the cap. I'll head over to the haven now and check it out.

      Again, I hope you feel better Dee.
      xoxoxo Katie Mills