Saturday, March 7, 2015

Forgetting Bernie

Made this one for Brittany7 over at the haven. There is something about a dancer in the tutu and tights that has a special place for me. Not even the tutu but a unitard or other article of clothing that they wear.
in any case, I hope you are all healthy and happy.
And I made a new book this past week. Now that I am getting used to conveying ideas from my head to the metaphorical paper and I wrote three original stories. I'm going to try and slow down my writing and work on my errors like spelling and other such errors. I know I make them and Dawn has breezed through my work to try and fix them. But its impossible to catch everyone of them unless someone has nothing else to do but edit.
So my story will be slowed down with more content and texture to it.
But if you haven't read my first stories or you missed one here they are.
My new book is an original universe of mine that you can read many caps made with them involved on my blog before you decide to purchase.
thanks again everyone
xoxoxo Katie Mills


  1. Always been one of my favorite pics. I'll have to remember to feature my version in an upcoming #tbt! ;) Good job babe!

    1. I knew this picture looked familiar! Lol! I had forgotten where I had seen it before.