Monday, December 15, 2014

Gone too far

Hey everyone, I made this cap for Dawn. She has been my rock since I got back into capping. I wouldn't be making cap or even able to post them with Dawn.
So thank you Dawn, thank you so much.
You are a true friend and I appreciate you.
Also, I wanted Dawn to be surprised with this caption. So I asked my good friend Dee to help me. Without Dee I'd also be lost. Thank you Dee, for everything. :)
I hope you are all happy and healthy.
xoxoxo Katie
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  1. Had a lot of fun crafting this into a caption for you. Wanted to make it look clean, crisp, and not really like my captions. I think I succeeded on all counts .. and perhaps found myself a good font for future DIY Challenges!

    I'll certainly do it again for you when you get another one for Dawn written up!

    1. Dee, you did a great job, the caption came out perfect. Thank you!
      Its funny, You, Dawn and myself all cap in our own way. But no matter how simple we make our caps or how complicated we always leave a fingerprint on the cap. I love that we do. It proves that in our way of releasing our work, it really is a piece of individual artwork.

      Thanks again Dee. It looks awesome.
      xoxoxo Katie