Friday, November 14, 2014

Perception (A discussion Question)

Okay, hello everyone, I hope you are all in a good Friday kinda mood. At the moment, my week consists of 6 Saturdays and a Sunday funday. Wish it were different at the moment.
So I decided for the weekend I would ad a discussion question. You know, just to get everyones juices flowing.
So here goes nothing, We all are different people in this community then from our real lives. Maybe our personalities are the same but we certainly look much different then we perceive to be in this community. And to me, that makes it fun. I can be who I'd like to be and project that out to all of you. And you all do it to back.
So my question for the comments below is,
how do you perceive me or other anyone else in the community. Could be anyone, just tell us their name and if you closed your eyes and thought of that person, who do you see in your mind?
This should be fun, because the smallest thing we did in the past could have been the foundation of how someone saw us. And we will look different from person to person. I will chime in as soon as I here a few.
Thanks Everyone
I hope you're all healthy and happy,
xoxoxo Katie


  1. Hi Katie,
    I spend time looking for avatars that represent the type of woman that I see myself as, and I always assume that others do that as well. So I find myself picturing others online as their avatar. I picture you as your Rachel’s Haven avatar: a gorgeous blonde in a little black dress with sexy long legs wrapped in sheer black hose!

    Hope all is well (or improving).
    Ciao! Elise

    1. Well I'm glad that's how you perceive me Elise. I agree, the avatar definitely has a big influence on how I picture someone. But getting to know them and listening to certain things they say.

      I see you Elise as a very sophisticated woman who is always smartly dressed climbing the corporate ladder. You are brunette, petite and long long legs.

      xoxoxo Katie

    2. I know this has come up before a few years ago, either on my blog or on the Haven, plus we've discussed it privately.

      As mentioned above, I do tend to take the avatars seriously as to what people wish to portray themselves. IF they change from time to time, I can incorporate the new and the old into a conglomeration of them along with any captions I've made for them that I really like.

      That is what makes our little section of the Internet so endearing, that we can project exactly who we are without those pesky details of what we actually DO look like.

    3. I totally agree Dee, its funny though how the smallest thing we say or do can change someone's perception on us.

      xoxoxo Katie