Saturday, December 29, 2012

She used to be Hot


  1. The pic was hot enough in and of itself, but then you added that sexy caption, and it just got better by the sentence! ;) Great job babe!

    1. I LOVED IT, too !! Very HOT !!
      I wish I could find a spell like that to use on myself. *sighs*

  2. While personally I would prefer to be aware of what happened if I were to transform, I can appreciate the mind-alteration aspect...

    Besides, you shouldn't fool around with amazingly powerful magic :P

  3. Thank you all, I had this pic for a couple of days and wasn't sure how to approach it. I loved the image. I feel this one came out just right. And I am in between on the knowing and mind change thing. But one thing is for sure. You shouldn't fool around with powerful Thanks again everyone

  4. Great job on the cap. I liked the story and pic. I especially liked how the plan backfired and the pic.