Friday, December 7, 2012

Thank you for reading my work

Maybe I can get some feed back from my work thus far. I am not the best writer. Believe me I know that. Run on sentences and punctuations marks are bad. I know that my work is a bit sloppy but I try. Plus there are so many talented cappers out there that have great work. Makes me feel very humbled.

I know its obvious that I have a little fetish for nylons, pantyhose and tights. Sorry if its a bit much. I love them and I love when other women wear them. I love the feel the look and everything about them.

Maybe you can give me a few ideas for some caps you would like to see. I am opened for suggestions. Plus I would love to see what ideas you may have. It my give me some new ideas as well as the ones you present.

I enjoy making these for myself and anyone who enjoys reading them. I will continue making caps as long as I have fingers to write with. Again let me know what you think and if there is anyway I can improve my work.

Yours truley Katie

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