Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Practicing safe sex

I made this one for Dee as a cap back for a wonderful pantyhose model cap that she made for me and Hailey Pixley. I enjoyed this picture so much and to be truthful I thought of Dee immediately once I found it. It had that little bit of humor to it that I think Dee brings to her caps often enough. In Dee's folder at the Haven I said that I was going for the "Did you unplug it and plug it back in?" approach. And Dawn commented with probably one of the funniest ways you could to this reference. She said, "I think the unplugging and plugging it back in is what got Dee into this situation. ;)".
It made me laugh out loud, literally... Dawn is always good for that.
Like the time I made Dee a cap about her multiplying and Dee responded that what would a herd of her be called. And Dawn followed that up with, First you get double Dee's then triple Dee's, after that you fall over on your face. Ha!
Anyway check out my new book on Amazon. Or read an older one you may have missed.
I hope you're all healthy and happy,
xoxoxo Katie

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  1. As I said in the original post:

    "I think that this might be the most tan I've even been, that or I am embarrassed!

    Then again, if i was dressed up as a superhero, then I should have changed into .. a superhero! That totally rocks!

    Thanks Katie. I wonder if I can get my GF a Catwoman costume!"

    Corinne had a good follow up that I could try "Ctrl-Alt-Del"!