Tuesday, April 7, 2015

World of TG

Hey everyone! In my travels through the inter webs today I stopped by one of my favorite sites World of TG. Now if you go there than you know how much time the owner puts into the site. They cover all aspects of TG and it is a huge work load. If you haven't been there before than I suggest you stop by and check it out.
But they are doing something pretty cool over there right now. You can go over and leave your favorite tg caption blogs for recognition and what appears to be an award. So take your pretty butts over there and add your opinions.
People have already added their favorites to the comments. A few of my favorites as well.
and many more!
So click on the link that is called the World Of TG above and tell us who you love! Who's work drives you wild. There are so many great caption sites out there and you can give them a little love by adding your favorites.
xoxoxo Katie Mills

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