Friday, April 17, 2015

Hey hey Mr. Postman

Hey everyone, I'm sorry I have been a little m.i.a. for the past week or so. I've just been really busy which is actually a good thing. So I made a cap and Dawn doctored it up for me. She even added the last line about the "Big package". Lol! I think it was very witty.
On another note in still working on my new book for amazon. Its probably my best work yet. I'm really enjoying this story as it unfolds.
I also have to stop by the haven and make a few new captions for some of the girls over there as well. Sometimes time seems to slip away pretty fast and before I realize it its been a week or two and I haven't made any caps.
I would like to thank Dee for checking in on me and that always brings me back into focus. Its nice to know that if I disappear for a while people tend to notice. If they didn't notice that would probably mean they didn't care. So thanks Dee. :)
I hope you are all healthy and happy.
xoxoxo Katie Mills


  1. Yes, M'Lady you were missed. The new caption was well worth the wait, but I hope you are well and recharged.

  2. No problem. Sweetie. Someone has to keep an eye on you!

    That pose is one of the most decidedly feminine poses you'll ever see, especially if she is doing that will giving a kiss to a much taller man. I'll never not look if a girl in a skirt is doing that maneuver.