Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sharing the same Future

Hey everyone, sorry for the short break. I'm feeling a little better and I took advantage of it by making a few caps and finishing my book. Thanks to Dawn and all her help I'm getting caught back up.
I made this cap for an friend who had a blog on here awhile back. Not gonna mention her name or the blog. But if you all read her work then you'll know exactly who I'm talking about. She is missed by many and I'm sure your all hopeful like me for her return.

I hope you're all happy and healthy and loving life.

If you get a chance check out my new book by clicking on the title:

It's a little more about love between two people but I feel it has some great transformations. Don't take my word for it. I'd love to hear your opinion. And if any of you can, will you write a review on amazon and rate the book with their star ratings. Thanks

XOXOXO Katie Mills


  1. Agreed, she is a fantastic captioner and I hope she returns soon!

  2. Girl, you are the sweetest thing...if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have ever started my first blog, and I wouldn't have a return to even make. But here I am, and I'm glad to be back and better than ever!

    Here's the link to my new blog:

    Hope to see you there, sweetie! =D

    1. YAY! I'm so happy to hear from you! It is wonderful to hear from you again. And yes, you and your work has been missed..

      I'm blushing, but I'm sure you would have been capping with or without me. Your work is too good! Your crossover cap we did is still one of my top caps read on my blog.

      xoxoxo Katie