Friday, February 26, 2016

Hey everyone!

Hello all! It's been a week or so but things are getting a little hectic once again. But before I continue on about why I haven't produced I have some new news for you.

I have a friend named Danielle. We met about a year ago and we hit it off. Since then we have been meeting up once a week for coffee or a walk. She even used to visit me when I was still pretty sick. 

Anyway, about a month ago we got to talking about men and women. And if you're like me, I will joke about transformations in conversations. But one day I just opened up to her. I told her about my passions, my fantasies and my blog here. I told her about me..... Katie....
It didn't surprise me that she was understanding. What surprised me more was that she wanted to understand. She had questions and she was curious. She was perfect. Lol!

I will admit that it was amazing to open up with someone. To really let them in. To get a secret out about myself that has been on my shoulders since I was five.

We talked all through the night. She confessed some Secrets to me as well. 
She used to make extra money selling panties and Pantyhose, tights etc... She said it was actually fun and she got to know a ton of people in the fetish industry. And believe me when I tell you Danielle is very attractive. She is stunning. And I'm not writing this because she will probably read it. ;) 

Anyway, I plan on making some new caps this week so stay tuned. I hope you're all healthy and happy.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Happy birthday Katie!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New book

Hey all, its Katie. 
Just a simple ad for my new book..

Check it out! See you soon with some new caps later this week..

xoxoxo Katie

Sunday, February 7, 2016

You ain't seen nothing yet

Hey all, its Katie! I guess you've realized that I'm back from yet another break. Lol! But this break was needed. I was working like crazy right up to the new year. Which is a really good thing considering. But if you haven't noticed, I had a new book published on Amazon,

found in the link above. I have to thank first and foremost my life line, Dawn. If not for her, my blog wouldn't work. It wouldn't exist. And secondly, I'd like to thank Brittany Montgomery. She asked me if I'd write a book on commission, which I agreed to. Took a little longer than planned but she was super patient. So my new book is dedicated to her. She even gave me a few great ideas on how to finish it up for her. So really, she was a huge part of the creative process. To be honest, I really enjoyed writing a

I will be making caps again but not nearly as often. I'll try to make at least one a week. I find that I burn myself out and then take huge breaks. I eventually get my creative juices flowing again, I'll bang out a bunch of caps and than burn myself out again. It's a vicious cycle. Lol!

So I guess it's time to let you know that I'm writing another book. But it will be a compilation of short stories that get to the transformation quickly. It's a little different from what I'm used to writing but we'll see how it goes.

I hope you're all healthy and happy!
xoxoxo Katie Mills