Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joining the Club

This caption was done by a new friend of mine from The Haven, her name is Dani Colorado. She has done many other trading caps with me. But she decided to take a crack at my 2-4-1 offer and made a "Sisters of Fate" cap. I think she was brilliant with the story and words. I loved it, I hope you all do as well. And show Dani some love down in the comments, she will be happy to know what you think......


  1. Great cap! This Katie could buy me a drink anytime!

  2. I agree, Dani did an outstanding job, I really loved this one. I hope she know she is getting such high regards from such well known Bloggers. She might be blushing if she knew you both commented.

  3. I should hope that Dani already knows what I think of her.