Saturday, May 11, 2013

Worth the fight

This is a quick one for a new friend Cori. I hope she likes it, the video is what I feel in my mind what would happen a few weeks or months after she transformed Cory to Mellisa. Mellisa is still Cory, Cory is still intact with all his thoughts and memories. He just has the body of a goddess now. So after a little while to adjust and get over his anger of being changed. After many months of experimenting in the bathroom and behind closed doors. Finding she doesn't just like being a woman, she down right loves it. Mellisa then begins too look at her old flame with the same eye's Cory used too.

One night after a few too many drinks, Melissa and Lindsey get dropped off. All night Melissa was rubbing her foot up and down Lindsey's smooth leg and getting her more and more hot. As soon as they are out of the car and the ride leaves them in the background. The sexual tension between the two soon to be new lovers erupts.

I think this is a perfect ending to a great scenario. What do you all think? I would also like to know if you were to be transformed into a sexy woman. Would you like to follow the ladies around and try to convert them or would it be the men you would like to experience? Or both, tell me all about it and give me details.
That should be a steamy enough conversation for awhile.

xoxoxo Katie

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road less traveled by

Before anyone beats me up over Pink's video having subtitles in another language. It also doesn't have any advertising. LOL! I actually love Pink. She has that 50 style Pin Up Rock-a-Billie look. I think that is so hot. I have been really trying to give you a couple of caps a week and it has been good for me too. I miss capping like I did last winter.

This cap was for a friend at the Haven as most of them are anymore. Chelsea Baker, who is a great capper herself. I owed her one now for quite sometime. I hope she likes it and I also hope all you like it as well.

I hope everyone is healthy and happy.

xoxoxo Katie Mills

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waiting to explain

Hello all, I am sorry again for the time away. This will be my last time apologizing for the time away. It seems this is the norm for me anymore. There is nothing I would like to do more then sit and make a hundred captions a day but I will tell you that is impossible. But I will always be around. If not today then someday. I wanted to thank everyone for the comments left. Nothing inspires me more then making a cap and getting your feedback. When I get comments it makes me want to cap more and more. I hope you all enjoy this cap.

Now I have a topic to throw out there for everyone to discuss in the comments section.

Its no secret that I love nylon. I love tights, stockings, pantyhose and all other garments that go along with these items. I love anything that is ultra feminine too. So what are some of the things you love? Is it make up or dresses? Maybe it's sexy heels. A girl can't get enough shoes? Do you wear them all the time? And do you remember the first thing you did that was fem as a child and how did that make you feel?

Let me know, xoxoxo Katie